The New BlackBerry 10

True to my word, I wanted to give you my review of the new BlackBerry 10. My initial thoughts are that I like it. I think it is the freshest product that BlackBerry has innovated in almost 12 years. I want to get my hands on one shortly to see how it compares to my iPhone 5. Here are four reasons to get excited about BlackBerry 10.

BlackBerry Hub – Everything you want to know, you are now able to do that with the Hub. Follow Facebook post, Twitter post, email, and text messages in one place. You can peak into other applications without closing out the Hub. It’s the ideal multitasking tool on the market for busy parents, like me or a busy professional, like me. Check out the video.

BlackBerry Keyboard – This a very cool feature and could make typing on a virtual keyboard, easier to do. The new BlackBerry Keyboard is a smart keyboard that learns how you type and it suggests words to help you type faster. If you tend to make mistakes as you type, the keyboard will remember and adjust to make sure you hit the key. I think the major feature that I like is that as you see words appear as you type, you can flick upwards and they are instantly inserted into your sentence. Pretty cool! Check out the video.

BBM Video with Screen Share – This is undoubtedly my favorite feature. I love my iPhone 5 for FaceTime. I think it’s a great way to keep in touch with family and do conference calls. I think BlackBerry takes it to the next level. In this busy world that we live in and the increased need for collaboration, this new feature allows people to chat fact to face but also share documents and photos in real time. Whoa! This is great. Check out the video. 

Camera with Time Shift Mode – As a parent with young children, I love this feature because I can never get the best shot. Time Shift mode captures your photo in milliseconds before and after you hit the button. You can scroll back to open eyes, make someone smile, or move someone’s head. You can also create a short film with all of your photos and share it immediately. FaceTime can’t do that, yet! Check out the video.

This is a sharp improvement for BlackBerry and users of two devices may be able to put down one. I look forward to getting a Blackberry 10 to play with and then write a formal review.

My only concern about Blackberry is getting on the Internet with a BlackBerry device. It has always been painfully slow to use their browser. BlackBerry is also behind the times and I am wondering if they are too late to the party. They lost market share with the arrival of the iPhone and Android devices. In addition, they don’t have an icloud service to backup with or an ecosystem like an app store, iTunes, and iCloud to tie in all devices that you own.


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