Does Work Zap Your Creativity??

I have been conducting an independent study indirectly over the last six months or so about whether our normal 9-5’s zap our ability to be creative. Define creative in your own words, but my definition is that you have the ability to think about fresh ideas that meet the needs of society. The ability to get excited about something you’re passionate about instead of succumbing to the doldrums of life. I know as a provider for your family, kids activities, normal household duties, and work, I can hardly keep my eyes open long enough to read a chapter in the biography of Steve Jobs that I’ve had since Christmas 2011.

I’ve read a number of books that suggests that we should spend time outside to clear our minds of all the clutter that is in our minds. In addition, writing and meditating were also suggestions to help us find that creativity that we may be losing as a result of working to pay the bills.

When I worked for a prominent bank, I remember waking up everyday, spending an hour traveling, parking, walking to the front entrance and entering through the turnstile, only to be disappointed before I turned on my computer. Everyday, I equated that process to being herded like cattle. That may be extreme, but I have always thought of myself as an entrepreneur that has the ability to do great things.

There is a study that is out that suggest that we are at our creative genius in kindergarden and as we go through the education process and become older we tend to lose it. True to the saying, “use it or lose it.” In that same vain, I have researched a number of studies that indicate we plateau and start to drop in our level of creativity at the age of 41. That’s not something that I am excited about considering, I am almost there.

I think you will agree with me that something has to change, if not for you, at least for me. I started this blog to help explore some of my interest. I started a journal that I write in pretty consistently. I spend time running and exercising hoping to get the creative juices flowing again. I encourage you to not let your job zap anymore of your creative ability. You deserve more!


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