iOS vs. Android

There have been numerous blogs and articles written about Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android mobile operating systems. I think this blog post is very important because everyone has a smart phone these days. We are past the days of just having an iPod in every home. Not only are smart phones available to the 303 million people in the US, but smart phones are global. The same people just like you and I in India, China, Turkey, Russia and other places around the world are using smart phones for the same reasons that you and I are using them. With that said, I love that both Apple and Google are thinking globally.

iOS – I am partial to iOS because I truly believe they have the best operating system for 90-95 percent of their endusers. Of course there are features that we want in every version of iOS and I am sure we will get there, however Apple has truly created their “ease of use” system in all of their products. When you buy a Mac, that Mac becomes a hub for all of your computer needs. When you purchase an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or an Apple TV you have an opportunity to have access to some of the other Apple products that make it easy on the end user. You have access to iCloud, iTunes, iTunes University, iTunes Match, and a variety of other Apple software programs. What you have is true hardware and software integration as well as the cloud. What I love about Apple products is that no matter how young or old you are, you can use i OS. In the marketing world, we call this stickiness. Yes, I’d be a hypocrite if I didn’t mention some of the issues that we have with Apple, like Maps, but overall its a pretty solid system.

Android – I admire what Google tried to accomplish and I think they have a solid platform. Google has also tried to create stickiness. Google markets Android as a free open system without any restrictions. Apple’s iOS is considered to be closed and with Android anybody can create an app or a handset to run on their platform. Android does really well in terms of capturing marketshare. It was the leading operating system on the market before the iPhone 5 was launched. Samsung has been able to develop a competitor to the iPhone 5, with it’s Samsung Galaxy S III. It’s an awesome phone, but where it lacks is the ability to be tied in across the entire operating system. End users that don’t have a use for iCloud, FaceTime, iMessage, etc. then it may make sense to go for a feature rich phone like the Galaxy S III. With Android, you have all of the Google apps which are great.

Final Thoughts – While I think both operating systems are good depending on the endusers and how they plan to use them. I love that my sister has a baby and she has an iPhone and we can do FaceTime to see the baby anytime. I love that it’s easy. She doesn’t have to have Skype or another third party app in order for us to see the baby. I also like that I have a family photo stream that I can share with everyone pretty quickly. I also prefer a unified hardware, software, cloud operating system. If you surveyed a large percentage of endusers that have access to both, a significant number will probably choose iOS. Just my opinion…


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