Michael Jordan Turns 50

The greatest player in NBA history is turning 50. It seems like time flew by since he retired after hitting that big shot on Bryon Williams and the Utah Jazz. Ironically, I don’t remember the Washington Wizards MJ, I only recall the MJ that made Sportcenter’s Top 10 a nightly highlight reel. That guy, at guard, 6-6, from North Carolina!….

Everyone wanted to be like Mike. Michael Jordan allowed young kids playing basketball to dream about someday playing pro ball and doing the things that he did on the court. Kobe Bryant mastered the MJ turnaround fadeaway jump shot at the highest level because he practiced it. I also did a good job, but I had a little Reggie Miller leg kick in mine. There was only one MJ.

We can all remember a big shot or a famous move that MJ did. Below are my top MJ moments:

The shot on Craig Ehlo in Cleveland

The first championship he won

The double nickel he dropped on the Knicks when he returned from the first retirement

The dunk on Pat Ewing

The dunk from the foul line

The dunk over Tree Rollins

The six three’s in the Finals against Portland

The switch of the hand layup against the Lakers

Michael against Magic in the All-Star game

His buzzer beaters

And many more… 

What is your favorite moment? Send me a video via YouTube.


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