Best of the best Apps

If you’re like me, then you have an insane number of apps on your phone. There are hundreds of thousands of applications that catch your attention. Everybody has a top app list. From an endusers point of view, I love having choices in the types of applications that my phone will run. I found myself thinking about this the other night and decided to go through my phone to see, just how many apps I use consistently. I have 182 applications on my phone currently. They happen to be my favorite apps too. I am going to share with you the best 5 apps for mobile phones and for tablets that I use consistently. I am an iOS user, but I believe the apps that I will discuss are pretty universal. If not, make the switch to iOS.

Here goes…

Top 5 Mobile Phone Apps (iPhone, Android, etc.)

1. Dropbox – This is arguably the best on the market. I can sync between, laptop, desktop, iPad, and iPhone so all of my docs are in one place. Other applications use Dropbox for backing up their app as well. It’s a great app and I wouldn’t recommend leaving home without it.

2. Evernote – I love the Evernote product suite (Evernote Hello, Penultimate, Web Clipper) They are fantastic! The main app, Evernote is a complete note taking app that once again syncs across all devices. It is excellent tool to use in business, education, or any industry. I use Evernote to remember motivational messages that I come across or if I want to remember certain things from a book that I am reading. I can share my notes with anyone via email, etc. I can also share right from the app and allow people to visit my Evernote document using a URL clipboard link.

3. Mint – Another great app that I use to monitor my personal finances. I think it is exceptional across all platforms. What I like most about it is that I can get online at anytime and have my bank sync my transactions to my account in Mint with all of my categories that have been budgeted. Because I am constantly moving I don’t always have time to sit at the computer. I love that I can update on the run. I also get a weekly summary via email of where I spent money which is good for me to know, in case I spent over my budget. I like this because it keeps me in line with my Dave Ramsey principles.

4. Twitter – I am a tweet head. Try tweeting me at Dluxedad. I think it’s a great way to stay in touch with what is occurring in the world. I love sports, so every once in a while, it gives me a chance keep up with my sports and the world of the NFL. I also enjoy Twitter because it is a great way to promote my brand and things that interest me. The only major issue that I have is trying to get everything out in 140 characters. From someone that appreciates the english language, it’s tough to do at times. There are other Twitter apps out there like Hootsuite and Tweetbot that are excellent too. For some reason I prefer the native app.

5. Google Maps – Last but not least, Google Maps is the best map app for all platforms. I know I am iOS addict, but I recognize greatness. I use Google maps for work and pleasure and it is amazingly accurate. In New Jersey, it sometimes misses the jug handles. The app recognizes the location as you type and gives you a number ways to view the directions. I like the turn-by-turn feature. I think Apple will get there maps app together in time. In the meantime, keep using the best of the best. I will say that Waze is becoming a favorite of mine and I will add it in the honorable mention section.

Honorable Mention: Waze, Out of Milk, ESPN ScoreCenter, and Pandora.

Tablet Apps (iPad, Galaxy, Android, etc.)

  1. Kindle or iBooks
  2. Day One Journal
  3. YouTube
  4. Twitter
  5. Frequency

Until next time…


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