The Wisdom of the Alchemist

I am reading this awesome book right now, called The Alchemist, that has me thinking about my life and where I am. The book is about a young man named Santiago, a shepherd that is in search of treasure. He has dreams and goals and decided to take another route as opposed to doing the status quo. He leaves his village in Spain and heads out to achieve his dreams.

I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone that has any intentions of reading it, but I am at part 2 of the book and I am self reflecting. There is a part in the book where he is having a conversation with a king and the king is sharing a story about a boy who was looking for happiness was given the task of looking around the entire castle while holding a spoon of oil. The boy was so focused on the oil that he never observed his surroundings and the beauty that was bestowed upon him. That made me think of me as I pursue success that I have to enjoy or observe what’s going on around me and not focus on the future. It’s hard to do, but with a young family and two little girls, I have to enjoy more of the moments as I still strive for success because time will pass by and I’ll still be looking elsewhere.

Another part, early in the book, Santiago is taken advantage of by a stranger and he starts to have a pity party for himself, questioning God and why did this have to have to him. Why did God reward him like this for following his dreams, was his question? I thought to myself, I often do this. I remember during our first miscarriage, why did this have to happen to me or us? I was angry. Santiago remembered what the King had given to him to help through these tough times and he referred to them. He focused on where he was going and not his situation. That is so powerful.

Lastly, the king told Santiago, that he had to make a decision. Anyone who has to make an important decision knows the agony that ensues when trying to deliberate on what is the right thing to do or the right move. You can’t always wait for someone to give something to you, sometimes you have to make a decision to move forward, however relative that is to your situation. Making the decision to start a business is one of the major decisions that I grapple with everyday. The costs, the risks, the failure, the fear and the opportunity are all characteristics that make this story applicable to me.

I am midway through the book, but it is awesome because I believe that it is speaking a love language to my soul, a language that only my soul can understand. I encourage you to read it. Stay tuned to my journey.


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