My Love Letter to Apple and Tim Cook

I love you Apple. I’ve worked for you several times and helped you launch major products in the past. I have bought into your strategy and for the record, I love my iPhone 5. 

Here are my issues with you. It seems as though Apple has lost it’s mojo in the wireless device race. As a loyal Apple customer, it appears that Samsung is trying to bring the fight to Apple and it appears that Apple is taking it on the chin. Every night, my wife and I see the commercials for the Galaxy S4 and they are humiliating because our (Apple) commercials merely focuses on obsolete features of the iPhone. Who cares if the iPhone 5 takes more pictures than any other smart phone. 

The S4 has some serious features to be reckoned with that has some of Apple’s most loyal followers throwing in the towel. I know what your going to say Mr. Cook, that the iPhone is exactly what customers want. You may be half right. I think the reliability and the ecosystem are second to none. You have Samsung beat, but on the innovation of new features for existing iOS users, you are falling behind. 

I like the no touch screen option to answer a call, the back to back sharing feature, the video playing feature that reads your eyes and most of all I like the picture feature that can capture an action shot. I may not like the Android operating system, but I do have to admit that one of the reasons I chose the iPhone starting in 2007 is because it was innovative. The current slate of iProducts seem to be stale and lacking the pop that made Apple one of the most innovative companies in technology. I feel like history is repeating itself for the third time. See (Nokia and Blackberry). 

Granted I don’t know what you have in store for WWDC or for the eventual successor to iOS 6, but what I do know is that I am at a cross roads. I have stuck with Apple because they have not let me down, but it seems that Apple has lost it’s edge, it’s true innovative edge. It appears that the strategy has shifted, at least in my opinion. 

Lastly, can we fire the advertising company and start firing back some shots at Samsung? We can’t let them walk all over us and promote as if we are inferior. People are listening and buying in. Heck, I am buying in and I am loyal. I love brands and I am a brand loving dad. I have trained my girls to love Apple, what am I to do now? As we say at Penn State and should be adopted by Apple, “We are Penn State!” 

I have purchased over 20 Apple products at one point and time, but I don’t know what my next move will be to continue this love affair. 

Mr. Cook, I have faith in you and the creatives at Apple, but we have to move forward. Apple is a creative, innovative, and organic company. We do not let others set the tone. 


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