Bye Bye Nike Fuelband


For Christmas my wife bought me the New Nike Fuelband SE to help keep me active as I rehab my right hip. I was just starting to hit my stride as a runner and then the injury happened and I thought this would have a great device to help me make sure I continued to burn calories by doing different cardio exercises. I liked the idea of the Nike Fuelband, but it was horribly inaccurate. I would take 30 plus steps and look at my Fuelband and it would not count the number of steps that I took. When I went to spinning, it never counted the additional activity as part of my fuel points or rather it did not provide an accurate fuel or calorie count. I was frustrated because I knew I was making my modest fuel goal of 2500, but the band was not accurately reflecting all that I did.

My neighbor also received a wearable on Christmas. He received the Fitbit Force and it counted his steps better than mine. So much so that I made jokes about his legs being shorter than mine and therefore he had to take more steps, but I began to pay more attention to his than to my Nike Fuelband.  I finally had enough and returned my Fuelband for a Fitbit Force and I love it! What I love is that I can keep track of what I eat, what I drink, and it is accurate. I like the app better than I like the Nike app. It truly tracks my sleep. The Force tells me how many times I woke up and how many times I was restless through the night.

As much as I love Nike products, I have started purchasing less of Nike products or they are not made to my satisfaction. I was always loyal to Nike, but it seems that I finding other products that meet my needs. I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts on the Fitbit Force.


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