I love Running, But….

I am a runner. I run often and believe that I am in good running shape, but I recently discovered being in shape for one sport, does not mean you are fit for all sports. I played basketball with some guys in my town last week and it was the first time in maybe five or six years that I have touched the court. I did not have shoes to play in, I had to use a pair of Jordan’s that I was saving to eventually sell to play in for the night. I ended up playing five games and winning two out of five. It felt so good to be back on the court. Before playing, I was just returning from a hip injury that I injured in 2013. While I felt great playing, five hours later, I could not move. Every injury that I have had in the last few years flared up. That is when I realized that basketball shape is different than running shape.

On Tuesday, my right achillies tendon hurt, my left shoulder hurt, my hip flared up again, and to top it all off, I could barely walk. My body was not use to jumping, cutting, and moving laterally. For the most part, when I run there is no lateral movement, I am just running straight trying to get my miles in. When trying to get 35 plus miles in a week, there is not much room for anything else in the form of additional exercise, especially when you have a family, a full-time job, a revolutionary new communication app that is being developed, and everything else on my plate.

What I learned from this is that maybe I need to mix in a sport like basketball. I do think the conditioning is better when playing basketball and I think I will use other muscles and tendons that I don’t use in running. So instead of getting in 30 plus miles per week, maybe I can get 20-25 miles and introduce some cross-fit or something to help with my strength and conditioning so the next time I am invited to play with the guys, I am better prepared. After taking a week off from running because of pain, I am excited to get back to running this week and look forward to challenging myself to get better.

Until next time, keep running and in this case, playing basketball…


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