Becoming a Mobile Creative

It felt great to relax yesterday and not run out to an event, a track meet, a lacrosse game, or anything else. I was reading about this new class hierarchy — that is “a new class of workers that doesn’t fit the conventional paradigms: Mobile Creatives.” I am always attracted to other opportunities that allow me to have mobility between different sectors and industries. This new class has resonated with me in the sense that it’s not a traditional structure, but a new way of living for many entrepreneurs or people who aspire to do something different with their lives.

I first learned about this new economic class through a blog that I follow, “Out of Your Rut,” by Kevin Mercadante. He learned about the new class from Charles Hugh-Smith. The Mobile Creative credo is: trust the network, not the corporation or state. Everything has either become more social or more mobile than at any time in history.

Our currency is now a global currency. I can remember working for a major bank in the early 2000’s and we would transfer billions around the world with a touch of a few buttons along with some authorizations to make it happen, so I happen to agree with Charles that everything is more global and we live in a social environment. If you consider that Facebook just bought a social media app, What’s App, a global text messaging app for $19 Billion that is more evidence to support Charles’ theory and the new economic class.

So who are Mobile Creatives and what do they do? Great question! This new class can range in income distribution. You can be wealthy, have a decent income, be apart of the dwindling middle class or the working poor and still be considered a “Mobile Creative.” “This class is self-employed, free-lance, entrepreneurial, sole proprietors, with adaptive skills. They may collaborate with other Creatives rather than have employees, and may have part-time jobs.” In addition, of the roughly 10 million people that are in this class, they believe this is another way of creating multiple streams of income.

After reading one of Kevin’s post about this new class of Mobile Creatives running around, I realized that the economy has had a dramatic effect on this class as well. Many have had to move to this class because of necessity or they just like the freedom and flexibility that this lifestyle offers. Whatever the situation may be, you can bet that this trend and/or class will continue to grow. I look forward to moving this direction as I look for opportunities to create more time and freedom for my family and I.

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