The Best Suit for Men and Dads

Not sure if many of you know that I am equally passionate about my wardrobe just like I am about my Apple products. Often times I get asked my opinion about finding the best off the rack suit. Keep in mind that most of the time, I am not dealing with folks who can afford a custom $1600 suit. I bought my first “power blue” suit in 2001 for a job interview and it was a Jones New York, three button, and the pants were pleated. At the time pleats were in style. I liked the suit so much that I went and purchased the black version to add to my collection of two. Fast forward to 2014 and I have turned over my closet to a more slim fit, flat front, and more polished look.

One of the challenges in finding the right suit is finding one that lays just right on your body type. The jacket has to act like a magnet to your upper torso and the sleeves have to stop at right point on your wrist and the it has to define your shoulders. The pants are really important. Not that you want them to squeeze your hip box too much or rise up when you sit, but you want them to fit well. You want the pants to simply fit! In the pleated days, you could fit two legs into one pant leg.

For the longest time, I purchased designer suits from Macy’s and other retail outlets. Most recently, I purchased an off the rack Tommy Hilfiger blue trim fit suit and I love it. It is arguably the best suit in my closet. I started reading GQ and Esquire so I could add to my already keen fashion eye for tips and tricks. Two suits that they always mention as being the best suits for men are the Ludlow suit from J. Crew and a slim fit suit from Hugo Boss.

Price is always the driving factor for me. A Hugo Boss suit is going to run you $600-$800. A Ludlow suit is going to run you $650. I tried on both suits and it is a different feel than the typical suits that I purchase. The Hugo Boss suit was NICE, but a tad too tight. Too many alterations had to be done to get it just right. The J. Crew suit is the best suit that I have ever purchased. It tapers my body perfectly and guys you will love the way it garnishes looks from the opposite sex. It lays perfectly against your body and the pants are a great compliment to the jacket. It’s durable and has kept me from returning to Macy’s for one of their suit separates.

A blue Ludlow is the suit that you wear to the job interview or you can dress it down to provide a more casual look. I look forward to throwing it on with some boat shoes or loafers and rocking it to a social outing. It’s a great look for anyone that is looking for that metro look or just looking to add another versatile suit to their wardrobe.

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