Running with Injury

Right hip, left shoulder, right achillies, and left knee are all injuries that I have right now or that I have been dealing with over the last year. Just when I got to the point that I could manage the hip as I continued to run, something else would go. I feel like Kobe Bryant or Dwayne Wade. I hurt the shoulder playing basketball because I wanted to show that I still had “it.” And I don’t! Should have left the shoes retired. I thought I was at the Rucker or competing for a spot on USA Basketball. You never really feel the after effects until the next day and I could not move. My shoulder was throbbing and when I pushed off to walk, my right achillies was screaming. Fast forward to last week and I went with my wife to Crossfit to try a new box and I loved it. I could not get a workout that hard and fulfilling working out at they gym on my own if I tried. I liked that I was only competing against myself and of course my wife — the female version of beast mode. On the last day, the last exercise, the last rep, I tweaked my knee. I could barely walk and the pain and disappointment began to settle in. Prior to that I was just starting to get myself back together to start training for a half marathon after a long hiatus.

Moving forward, starting today, I plan on working on rehabbing myself and all of these nagging injuries through various forms of stretching and pool work, in hopes of being able to effectively participate in running 1-3 mile stretches. My goal is to get back to working out and getting stronger, but I have to strengthen the problem areas with rest and exercise before I can dive back in. I am hoping that none of the injuries require surgery because it is not going to happen. It took me 7-8 months to recover from surgery on my right shoulder in 2010.

One of the main reasons that I turned to running was because it provided a sense of being. Dr. George Sheehan just released a new book, “Running and Being.” I cannot wait to read it. With all of the injuries, I have not had a chance to get out and clear my mind. I like the idea of being out there alone and not thinking about any of the existing cares that are on my plate. Now I have to possibly resort to Yoga for the time being and some would argue that I should have been doing all along. Don’t worry about me, I am sure I will be fine, but I don’t intend to rush it this time. I’ll get back out there when I am healthy.

Until next time….


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