Lebron James “Decision” to Return Home

I am really not sure how I should feel about this move that Lebron is making to return home to Cleveland after 4 years in Miami. Initially when he opted to leave Cleveland to go to Miami to chase championship rings, I fully supported the decision as a sports fan. It did not appear that he was going to get enough players to join him in Cleveland to help him win and it also did not look like the ownership was doing their best to get Lebron any help.

With all of that said, Lebron held the NBA hostage while trying to decide to go back to Cleveland or stay in Miami. From July 1st to July 11th many of this years free agent class could not make a decision because they were waiting for Lebron to make his decision. I could not believe that Cleveland was on the map again after the breakup 4 years ago and that nasty letter by the owner of the Cavs, Dan Gilbert — which was a modern day version of the motion picture 12 Years a Slave, in my opinion. The point I am trying to make is that the letter was unwarranted and very malicious. You can read the letter here, if you have never read it.

What changed for Lebron — it’s hard to leave a beautiful place like South Beach in Miami for the doldrums of Cleveland and the fact that he went to the finals 4 years in a row, winning two. On Friday, he drops the bomb that he is returning to Cleveland in epic fashion — far different than in 2010, in a great letter on SI.com written by him about his future plans. I thought I was going to hate Lebron for making this decision to leave Miami because their chances of winning is slim to none and his return to Cleveland was to take advantage of the young roster to put him in a position to win down the road. After reading his letter to SI.com, I cannot take that original position about disliking Lebron. This is a feel good story about the best player in the NBA returning home to try to finish what he started. This was a well crafted letter to the fans, his family, his friends, the city of Miami, Dan Gilbert, and the Haters about his “decision” to return home.

The most exciting part of all of this is Skylar Grey’s mockup of her hit “Coming Home,” in which she changed the lyrics for Lebron James and Nike made a commercial out of it in less than 19 hours. Take a listen!

I wish he and his family the best and everyone will be watching… including me!

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