5 For Friends Crowd Funding Campaign is Live


Ok, I have delayed this post long enough! I don’t have a good reason, it’s just that I have been working the business and working my 9-5 at the same time. I am happy to report that we are now pre-selling our app, 5 For Friends on Indiegogo. You may ask, what the heck is 5 For Friends? It’s an amazing new innovative technology designed for busy people to keep in touch with family, friends, and colleagues. Essentially we have taken the guesswork out of keeping in touch and we have removed the excuses to get off the phone.

How do you keep in contact these days? People use text messaging and Facebook as a primary tool to communicate, however the personal communication has ceased as a result. My cousin and business partner, Scott Speed thought of 5 For Friends as a way to bridge the gap. He and I formed a company to be able to bring it to market and that is the journey that we are on. Ok, more about the app — it is designed to be a social app that will interact with the contacts in your phonebook that provide a status update of “I Got 5!” You will be able to initiate a 5 minute call with your friend or family member. At 4:30 (four minutes and thirty seconds) you get a soft tone voice telling you, “thank you for using 5 for friends” as an alert that your call will end in 25 seconds. Pretty cool, hugh!!! I know, I thought the same thing. Check out our video for the design concept of what the app will look like and the app totally removes the excuses that you may have used to get off the phone in the past.

We are using Indiegogo to raise the funds to help us build the app for iOS and Android. We have an aggressive plan to bring it to market. We are trying to raise $25,000 to make our goal. We are 19 days into our campaign and we have $3701. We had a launch event in Atlanta, GA where the business is based and also a launch event in Philadelphia — where both my cousin and I were born. We had a great turn out and we had tremendous success telling the story and gaining the support of our family and friends.

The hard part is now raising the rest of the money for development in the next 41 days. I look forward to the challenge of building this app and meeting different developers — I will be posting about the process along the way.

If you read this blog, please check out our campaign and purchase a version of the app before it is built for a lifetime FREE license. Also, spread the word as we need your help. We need the campaign to go viral!

Also please like our Facebook page!

Until next time….


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