Finding the Best Smoothie Base


Ever since we bought our Vitamix I have enjoyed having a smoothie in the morning before starting my day along with my daily cup of green tea. I never made smoothies for myself until recently after a run or going to the gym and I realized that I never paid attention to base that my wife used.

Occasionally I would go to Whole Foods to buy my smoothies after physical therapy at $7 a pop. That began to get to expensive so I elected to learn how to do it myself. At first, my smoothies tasted like water with out any other ingredients in the mix.

I started wondering about what other people use as a base for their smoothies. Here are some that I have tried and hated or loved:

Water is probably the healthiest option available from. Hydration standpoint, but the overall taste is/was just nasty. It’s a very simple base and very easy to get your body properly hydrated.

Almond Milk
My wife uses almond milk and it is simply delicious. It has protein and fiber in it and I love that almond milk is lactose free as I am lactose intolerant. Almond milk does have a fair amount of sugar, however I like it! You can try unsweetened almond milk, but then you lose the taste.

Coconut Water
When I went to Whole Foods I normally used Apple Juice as my base and one of the barista’s asked if I had tried Coconut Water. I said, “let’s try it!” I have never looked back. The health benefits from Coconut Water helped me replenish my electrolytes and potassium after a run. It’s low in sugar and fat. It’s my smoothie base of choice when it’s on sale at Target.

Anybody who knows me, knows that juice is my weakness. I love juice! The sugar in juice is what is keeping me from getting my six pack. When using juice, you may have to cut it with some water to help balance out the sugar content. We use other fruits as well to help out with the sugar content like: peaches, berries, plums, and also a lot of raw green vegetables.

The one caveat that I left out is that some of us have allergies and my wife has done a good job of using local honey to help managing our allergies.

I’m still learning, so if you have a smoothie recipe that I can fire up in my Vitamix, please let me know by leaving a comment.

Until Next Time…



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