Coastal Living


Coastal living is a must! Every time that I return from a long hiatus at the beach, I often wonder aloud to my wife, how can we make this happen? What I love about going to the beach is the relaxing environment, the food…OMG, the food is delicious, and the ocean breeze. As I returned from a recent stay, I realized more and more that finding a beach home (not literal), but a place to where I could call home and start pursuing the opportunity over the next several years. Why do I like it so much? Outside of what I listed above, it just feels good! My creative juices start flowing again. People have an interest in talking to you and it does not seem like a facade. I like running on the board walk or just walking and sitting near the beach area. All of my worries seem to disappear when I am staring at the beauty of the ocean and marveling at the works of God.

I am thankful that I get a chance to do it annually, but annually is not enough anymore. I want out of the rat race and I want to live coastal. I worked with someone who lived in a beach town and she swore that it was the best living in the world. So much so – that she moved to Florida for all year round beautiful coastal living. Am I jealous? Now I am. Her kids are all older and it was the right time for her and her husband. My wife has two teachers that commute three hours from a coastal town just to go to work. I am not sure that I want that type of stress, but with my current job situation being as flexible as it is, now would be the perfect time. Why not do it? Well, my children are in school and we have moved enough already that my wife will literally try to strangle me if I suggest another move.

What am I going to do? Good question — I guess, I will continue to visit beach towns up and down the east coast in hopes of finding the right one. Try to go more often. Maybe after some of my expenses decrease, perhaps buy a home in a coastal town and go more often. I do not know!

We recently came back from vacation and it was the best. We were far from the ocean. About a mile. We did not mind the walk. Gave a us an opportunity to talk and laugh or in my case be mad (inside joke). The distance from the beach was not that important this time around, it was the freedom from the electronics that I enjoyed. We had BASIC cable. I thought I was in the stone age. Shows how far we have come. We also did not have internet. That’s right! No connection to the outside world. I had relatively good cell service and occasionally I would check out a score or a social media platform, but we really did not do a lot of that. I feel more relaxed this year coming off of vacation than I have in previous years and I attribute that to working while on vacation or just staying connected.

I enjoyed my time thinking about 5 For Friends and how we will grow it in the future. I loved spending time with my wife, my children, my sisters, and my niece.

Back to coastal living though, it is an absolute must experience. Again, just being able to forget about your daily life, being able to walk or bike everywhere is fantastic, and food is always awesome. I think at some point in my life, I will transition to living in a beach town, but for now I will visit often. Already have two towns in mind for 2015.


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