Injury Prone???

I am starting to feel like it. Since 2009, I have had the worst luck with injuries and surgeries. When I first started running, I knew I would have a ramp up period for me to meet my own expectations. The crazy part is that all of these injuries are freak injuries and only one, indirectly has anything to do with running! In 2009, I had my right rotator cuff repaired due to a rollerblading accident. I endured 6-8 months of physical therapy and eventually lost some range of motion.

In 2011, I had an emergency appendectomy because my appendix was going to explode. That was happening while I was giving a lecture to my undergraduate students and I could barely stand upright. Amazing what the body can do to protect itself from further injury. That was the one of the worst procedures that I have had, well not because of the appendix, but the healing process was not as smooth as I anticipated. It took me about 3-4 weeks before I felt like myself again.

During the break in between injuries, I managed to run a half marathon and do an acceptable job at finishing. It was a really flat course along the Atlantic Ocean. I was proud of that accomplishment and I thought I was on my way to bigger and better races. I started plotting my races for the year and I got excited when my Runners World magazine came in the mail. I was a runner! Well until the next injury…

In Fall 2013, I was moving and as I was getting off of the U-Haul truck, I twisted the wrong way and I heard something in my hip go “pop” like a rubber band. Ironically it felt more like a groin pull than a torn labrum in the hip. For the first few weeks after the injury, it grew increasingly more painful to do normal tasks. I use to make fun of athletes with groin pulls, but now I understand!

I went through 10 months of physical therapy and did not run, just focusing on strengthening that hip muscle and the gluts. I managed to get cleared in time to start training for a 10 miler that I pushed through to finish. I thought it was a great foundation to prep for my fall half marathon.

On a hot August day, I was on the last day of a one-week pass at a Cross Fit box and we had to do 150 meter sprints three times in a relay format. I did not want to let my team down, even though I was just getting familiar with Cross fit and all that it entailed. I managed to injure my knee by full out sprinting. It was the back of my knee and I could not walk initially. I thought I might have torn my ACL. Well after three months and running a half marathon later, I was diagnosed as having subjacent marrow edema in my knee, right on top of the tibia. It looks like a severe stress fracture when you look at the MRI. It’s a relief to know what has been bothering my knee, however I am very frustrated by all of the injuries.

Sometimes, I think, “running is not for me, I always get injured” and sometimes I am just too hard on myself. Who knows at this point? I just want to exercise injury free. I am on the shelf for the next four weeks to give the injured area rest and no additional stress.

Are there any other runners out there experiencing the same luck with injuries?


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