More Than a Salesman!

I like sales! I like building a rapport with a prospect, qualified lead, and a potential customer. It’s one trait that some of the best sales people have in their tool kit. I am more than sales though. I have done so much in my career that I believe I am unique to the corporate environment. I think about Liam Neeson in Taken, when he is speaking with the abductor of his daughter, “I have a particular set of skills, that will help me find you” and the guy on the other end says, “good luck.” That’s how I feel when I interview for a job. I have acquired a unique set of skills that will help an organization beyond sales.

Most interviewers point to something you have not done or in many case are threatened by your ability. I have worked in so many industries, that I feel like a chameleon. I am capable of working with anyone, any company in any industry and being successful at it because of that skill set that many do not have.

Corporate America does not reward you or me for having a unique set of skills. They instead penalize you and try to make you fit into a one size fits all meritocracy. They have rules beyond measure, they track numbers and use that data to make decisions, and sometimes they could care less about your well-being.

I am more than sales. I am a CLO in waiting (Chief Life Officer). I don’t fit in your box Amazon, I am the rebel to your 13 Leadership principles. I believe people are the measurement of value to an organization. I believe in giving people chances to be successful — an opportunity outside of their comfort zone to make something happen.

I am more than a sales guy! I am just qualified!


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