Apple vs. The Government


(Disclaimer) Before I write this – I do not support terrorism at all!

I had to write about this to get it off my chest. It has been stirring in me for the last six days since the news came out that a US court has ruled that Apple should help the FBI break into the iPhone of the San Bernardino shooter because they believe that it contains vital information to their case.

Apple has since opposed the order and is prepared to fight it all the way to the Supreme court because if allowed to happen, it would be unprecedented. Many of the Silicon Valley juggernauts have come out in support of Apple — Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey, just to name a few all stand with Apple.

Apple’s stand on this, is that the request by the government is overreaching. I am in agreement with them and here is why. The government is trying to use the “All Writs Act” as the order to require Apple’s cooperation, however, if this happens, we should run for the hills!

This is opening pandora’s box! If you create a tool to remove encryption, that will ultimately be bad for the millions of iPhone users that have adopted the iOS 8 and above operating systems. Apple Pay is the most secure payment method to make purchases, would be subject to attacks in the form of hackers acquiring millions of credit card numbers, etc. All of the data on your iPhone would be subject to a hack. The FBI says it is just for this phone, but Apple routinely fields thousands of calls from law enforcement for assistance in accessing phones. If they do it once, the lid will come off.

History has shown us that once a backdoor is created, it’s another way for a hacker or cybercriminal to use it against us. For all the protestors and people that back the government, let’s look at how this works. Bill Gates stated that Apple should help the FBI. He mentioned the banks and other government entities that provide access to law enforcement. Well Mr. Gates should know that  banks are often hacked, the IRS was just hacked, the postal service was hacked, the CIA was hacked, and yes, even Microsoft’s OS has been hacked.

This is not a politically correct thing, an opinion thing, this life and death. There will be no stopping the government if this happens. I salute Tim Cook and Apple for taking a stand for freedom and liberty for all of us.

My final word is this: A backdoor for the FBI would be unsafe for all of us.




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