Mamba Out! & Warriors Win 73

After March Madness and the Master’s you generally do not have too much to get excited about until the latter part of the NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft and, the Kentucky Derby. Last night was something special for basketball fans and sport fans in general.

In a turn back the clock performance, Kobe Bryant scored 60 points as the grand finale to his legendary career. To put this on scale, my favorite and by most accounts the greatest player statically and to the naked eye is/was Michael Jordan and he only scored 15 points in his last and final game. Kobe scored 45 more points and hit the game winning shot against the Utah Jazz. MJ did the same thing to win the championship, but I digress — What’s great about Kobe is that he is one of the greatest competitors to play sports — ever!! I remember the beginning of Kobe’s career at Lower Merion HS and I saw one of his last games in Philadelphia at the Palestra before going pro. I wish I could have been in attendance for his last game at Staples.

After a can you believe it performance, I wonder what we will remember most, the 60 point finale game or the 81 points against Toronto.

Just having an opportunity to see that game would have been great, but there was more history being made in Northern California. The Golden State Warriors eclipsed a long standing MJ Chicago led Bulls record of 72 wins in the regular season by beating the Memphis Grizzlies to set the new record of 73 wins. The Warriors and Lakers game was on at the same time and I had to old school and set my TV to PIP to capture all of the magic.

I never thought in my lifetime that we would see that record broken. That is an amazing accomplishment. Stephan Curry is freaking awesome! He shattered his own three point record by 130 three pointers. He ended up with 402 three pointers on the season. He has 1,593 threes in 7 years in the NBA. At this pace without injury, he should be able to catch Ray Allen (~2900) in the next 6-7 years. That would be amazing.

Back to last night, as a sports fan, you could appreciate Steph’s God given talent as he effortlessly skewered the Grizzlies for 7 threes in the first half. The game was essentially over by half-time. To have Kobe go out with 60 and Golden State win 73 games on the same night, I think it’s safe to say either may never happen again. Kobe was the oldest player to score 60 by 5 years. I don’t think we will see anything like him or the Warriors during our lifetime.

Glad I had a front row seat in my living room to see it to tell my kids about it down the road. Mamba Out…ok, how about — Dluxedad Out!!

Kobe Stats



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