The Best Part of the Weekend–April 2016

Weekends tend to go by so quickly, that I question whether or not I am actually “off.” What was great about this weekend is that I attended a intense boot camp like program, called — Breakthrough Intensive. This program was part of a family and friends/ community outreach done by Gap International. The company has been around for the last 30 years. I was asked almost 4 years ago to take this program and I am thankful for the consultant that was persistent enough to catch me at a good time as I go through this transition that I am in and to get me into this past weekend’s program. I am forever grateful.

Day One:

There were 40-50 people that flew in from around the country. The purpose of the program was to help you change your current thinking from your current reality — to creating extraordinary thinking, that leads to extraordinary outcomes. This was the day where the team of consultants break down your thinking to get you to recognize all of those probable thoughts that hold you back from creating something great. The 15 people that were in my session, were awesome. We all begin to share and to acknowledge where our current mindset is in our own respective lives. Because of the structure and models that Gap International used, I did not think that I received a plethora of information out of day 1, however, as I reflect back — day 1 was the catalyst for the shift. I won’t kid you and tell you that I am some newly reformed strategist right now, however, the Breakthrough program did help me to recognize those thoughts that do not have a place in my mind. We did a ton of introspection during the day and sharing. Towards the end of the day, we started addressing some of those past thoughts or “files” that sometimes want to hold us back from greatness.

Day Two:

I was charged up and ready to return on day 2 to get to the crux of becoming extraordinary. We originally had to come with a goal or issue to address within ourself. I had goals about 5 For Friends, about a new career, and about being more reflective instead of reactive. Those were great, however, I was not going to go to the next level of thinking with those issues. I arrived with a new issue to work on — that new issue is, “to work on where my passion is, what it is, and how it translates to my life’s work.” I believe that my passion is already inside of me and has been for a really long time. Many of the other participants in the room were in similar positions, trying to figure what is next for them in their lives. It was such a great day that we could all help each other and this is the day that bonding started to happen with each other at an intense velocity. We all wanted to remove or minds from our current reality and focus on creating a new reality. This is where our breakthrough started happening — with our words and our declarations! How we related to our words and our declarations was really cool.

So much of this is biblical and I appreciated it much more because the root of speaking things into existence is more spiritual than anything. I think what I missed all along was that you/me/I has to be inspired by those words in order for them to become truth!

Day Three:

Day 3 was powerful. We began to create plans for our declarations. Yes, SMART goals, but beyond that. There was belief behind these statements and what I loved about our group is that we want to hold each other accountable for our Stand statement. My Stand statement that I created in the room is:

I am a catalyst that enables people to move their ideas, connections, and thoughts by using my platform in their personal and professional lives by January 1st, 2017…And it shall be!

To some degree I am doing this already and have done it in the past, however it needs to be in better alignment with my life. I am very excited about what the future holds and I am no longer holding on to the past. My goal is to create a sustainable model for my life. There is something very special about the present, that I plan to embrace because it will connect you and I to the future.

  • Day One: Examine Current Thinking
  • Day Two: Creating Extraordinary Thinking
  • Day Three: Create Breakthrough!!



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