What is Hyperloop? I’m Glad You Asked

I thought Hyperloop was an app that created time-lapse videos. Boy, was I wrong. Over the last couple of days, I started to see more articles and news reports about Hyperloop. Apparently, Hyperloop is the brain child of Elon Musk. Musk is the founder of Tesla and Space X. Knowing that he does not have the time to commit to another venture. He initially had this idea in 2013 because of the cost of the California high speed line at a whopping $70 billion and using a system that would deliver the world’s slowest high speed line. He thought that high speed travel could cost less and be more efficient. In a world, in which Uber has taken over, this could upend the travel industry in 3-4 years.

Musk created an open-source project allowing anyone or company to pave the way for the possibility of making this a reality. As a result Hyperloop Technologies was first to the party to create “vacuum tube” technology that will enable humans to travel from Las Vegas to LA in 30 minutes. Hyperloop’s pod inside the network of tubes from start to finish would travel at an approximate speed of 700+ MPH. Hyperloop as a method of travel could change the way that we travel in the future. Hyperloop plans to do some initial testing this week (See Video). Musk is promising a test track will be built at Space X’s headquarters. Companies like Hyperloop insist they will have pods ready for passengers by the end of the decade. We may be riding in Pods from city to city before the proposed Apple Car ever makes it out of production.

Where was I at in 2013? Why couldn’t I have thought about this amazing new technology that will change the way that we travel? Here is a quick video of Elon Musk talking about a better way to travel — the introduction of the Hyperloop.

Let me know your thoughts…



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