New Beginnings for Dluxedad

Ever since my wife gave me the name, Dluxedad, I have had this incredible vision for creating this amazing brand that focused on fatherhood, technology, sports, travel, and luxury.

I don’t think I knew how to advance my vision to an eventual starting point beyond creating this blog. I thought I would utilize this blog to share my thoughts about all the important topics that were important to me as well as to other men.

Over the course of the weekend, my cousin, friend, and business partner in other ventures, suggested that Dluxedad could be so much more than what I have done with it. We discussed how we could make Dluxedad a brand and an icon that will change our lives forever. The contribution that we will make to the world will be awesome. From this day forward, Dluxedad will become an International multi-media company that will still focus on the initial concepts that I discussed above, however, along with the blog, we will deliver  the content via other channels. We have great ideas and plans and we will work hard to make this happen.

Scott and I are going to partner to become Dluxedad(s). There will be more to come soon. For now, we are releasing our first Dluxedad T-shirts, just in time for Father’s Day. In the next couple of weeks, we will have the first iteration of The Dluxedad Podcast. So many other ideas and thoughts will be come in the next few weeks.

It is so exciting and refreshing to have an idea and work on something you are passionate about. I look forward to the journey and I know we will bring you great products and services from Dluxedad.



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