The Steph Curry Haters

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Boston Celtics

I am a Steph Curry fan. No, I am not a bandwagoner, I am a fan of how he conducts his business on the court and from what I am able to view and perceive of him off the court as a family man. I never thought I would see another shooter as great as Reggie Miller and Ray Allen in my lifetime. Stephen Curry’s meteoric climb to stardom happened relatively fast. When you consider that it took Lebron James, 9 years to win his first title. It took Steph only six years to get his chance and he and the Warriors capitalized on their first opportunity.

Here is the question, though? What happened from last year to this year? It seems as though there is more hate this year than last year. What more do the media or sports fans want from the guy? Let’s talk about on the court: fundamentally sound shooter, gets other teammates involved, league leader in steals, made 402 three-pointers and broke his own record by 100+ three-pointers in one year, over 90% on foul shots, unanimous MVP, NBA Champion, and has a wicked handle.

He is what fans clamor for when they watch basketball. All of sudden, I don’t hear the praise and the accolades for Stephen Curry from some media personalities and fans anymore because his antics have become annoying. Are you kidding me? What antics? You mean, now you don’t want a player that plays with heart and emotion? The very thing that you ask for and what he gives, is now the reason you kill or criticize him for it. People are fickle. They don’t know what they want. Are you jealous? Why else would you hate? It’s as if people are waiting to pounce on any wrong thing that he does.

I hear people say, I don’t like him because he pounds his chest or he keeps chewing on his mouthpiece while running up and down the court. He automatically starts to chew on it during every whistle stop. Are you serious? Does he or does he not make his teammates better? C’mon folks, wake up! Please stop hating and enjoy him as a player for what he brings to the game. I guess one could say the same about Lebron James. I guess you are right. You are entitled to you opinion, until it is totally offline. Nobody is saying he is the greatest player ever, I am and many have said, that he is the best shooter ever. This is only year 7 for Steph. If they beat Cleveland, the sky will be the limit for Steph Curry. Enjoy him people and for goodness sake, stop the hate! If you or your team wanted him, you should have drafted him.



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