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The Steph Curry Haters

I am a Steph Curry fan. No, I am not a bandwagoner, I am a fan of how he conducts his business on the court and from what I am able to view and perceive of him off the court as a family man. I never thought I would see another shooter as great as […]

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Mamba Out! & Warriors Win 73

After March Madness and the Master’s you generally do not have too much to get excited about until the latter part of the NBA Playoffs, NFL Draft and, the Kentucky Derby. Last night was something special for basketball fans and sport fans in general. In a turn back the clock performance, Kobe Bryant scored 60 […]

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Bracketology 2016

Today is the first day of the best weekend in sports! Better than the Super Bowl or the NCAA Football National Championship! The first round of the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament starts today on Thursday and goes through Sunday. This is March Madness at it’s finest with 16 games on Thursday and 16 on Friday, […]

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Injury Prone???

I am starting to feel like it. Since 2009, I have had the worst luck with injuries and surgeries. When I first started running, I knew I would have a ramp up period for me to meet my own expectations. The crazy part is that all of these injuries are freak injuries and only one, […]

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Lebron James “Decision” to Return Home

I am really not sure how I should feel about this move that Lebron is making to return home to Cleveland after 4 years in Miami. Initially when he opted to leave Cleveland to go to Miami to chase championship rings, I fully supported the decision as a sports fan. It did not appear that […]

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