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Brexit is a Parallel to the Make America Great Again Movement

Normally, I do not talk about politics on this blog to keep it light. I just want to highlight a monumental and historical global event that happened. My intent is not to regurgitate the information. There are plenty of outlets and news sources that will provide you with the education about the referendum in the […]

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New Beginnings for Dluxedad

Ever since my wife gave me the name, Dluxedad, I have had this incredible vision for creating this amazing brand that focused on fatherhood, technology, sports, travel, and luxury. I don’t think I knew how to advance my vision to an eventual starting point beyond creating this blog. I thought I would utilize this blog […]

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Go See Captain America: Civil War

  No spoiler alert here, but do yourself a favor and buy two tickets. Buy one for the first show and then get another for the next day because that is how good this movie is. I have been waiting for a long time for the perfect Marvel movie and I think directors, Anthony Russo […]

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More Than a Salesman!

I like sales! I like building a rapport with a prospect, qualified lead, and a potential customer. It’s one trait that some of the best sales people have in their tool kit. I am more than sales though. I have done so much in my career that I believe I am unique to the corporate […]

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Coastal Living

  Coastal living is a must! Every time that I return from a long hiatus at the beach, I often wonder aloud to my wife, how can we make this happen? What I love about going to the beach is the relaxing environment, the food…OMG, the food is delicious, and the ocean breeze. As I […]

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